Young Entrepreneurs: support from TEB for the youth

What is the Young Entrepreneurs Program?
Through the Young Entrepreneurs Program, TEB Bank will be offering financial and non-financial services to young women and men (18 – 35 years old) with a business idea.
Young Entrepreneurs by TEB will be offering a range of tailored-services for young entrepreneurs at various stages of their development, and will establish an incubator to bring the Bank’s expertise and products.
The goals of “Young Entrepreneurs” are:
1. Establishing the incubator “Entrepreneur House”,
2. Bringing the bank closer to young entrepreneurs
3. Influencing a positive and organic market growth
4. Implementing innovative solutions
5. Offering products and services customized for the needs of young entrepreneurs

What does the Young Entrepreneurs offer?

Financial Support
Depending on the stage of your idea, you can either benefit from the loans and/or grants that the program offers.
For existing businesses and startups, the available loans are installment loans with favorable interest rates and term flexibility depending on the client’s needs. The loans can be used for working capital or expansion of your business activity.
For young entrepreneurs who have a business idea but have not made out in the market yet, we will be offering grants of up to 10,000 Eur. The grant can be used to bring to push the idea further and bring it to life.

Entrepreneur House
The Entrepreneur House is a business incubator open to all members of the Young Entrepreneurs Program going through various training stages.
The Entrepreneuer House will be offering the services listed below, to both individuals and businesses, all based on the evaluation made by the TEB staff and the Evaluation Committee:
• Consulting, mentoring and training
• Collaborative workspace including meeting and conference rooms
• Utilities, fast internet and office equipment
• Access to a local and international network
• Opportunity to participate in B2B events, conferences and others.

Hands-On Support
Companies/idea applying will have the opportunity to be part of three-month* incubation period, that offers the essential support necessary to establish businesses in the local and region.
Mentors, Bank staff and industry experts, will help members address the challenges of their ideas and prepare them to take the next step in their business: enabling them to develop and refine their product in the Entrepreneur House.
Mentors will offer advice in sectors such as:
• Market Analysis and Research (segmentation, product readiness, competition, supply chain, UX testing)
• Accounting (finance, bookkeeping)
• Business Management (HR, process management, documentation)
• Business Law and Regulatory Compliance (applicable laws in Kosovo)
• Marketing and Communication (social media management, e-commerce, internal communications)
*The incubation period will be dependent on the offer that is given to the young entrepreneur

Through their participation in the program, young entrepreneurs will have access to an exclusive network of Bank staff, mentors and experts. The program will be organizing events and workshops that will expand the network of the entrepreneurs and will equip them with the basic knowledge to take their initiative further.
Potential events for Entrepreneur House members are:
1. Pitch Swaps – pitching sessions between EH members to gain feedback and improve for other future funding opportunities
2. Affinity Groups – learning and gaining support from peers in the same industry and who share the same interest
3. Founder Talks – an opportunity to connect with founders from a range of industries and backgrounds and share experiences
4. Alumni Circles – conversations designed to share entrepreneurial challenges and inspire members

How to apply?
Step 1: Visit our webpage:
Step 2: Download the Application Form in your preferred language
Step 3: Complete the form and email it to

The Application Form has questions related to the young entrepreneur’s experience and the idea for which they are applying. Ideas will be evaluated based on their innovation, impact and added value and the young entrepreneur’s skillset to implement their idea.

How is selection made?
1) Initially are applications are checked for completion and validity
2) Applicants that pass the initial check will be invited to present their idea in front of the Evaluation Committee,
3) The selected ideas will be asked to join TEB’s incubator (Entrepreneur House), where depending on the offer they receive they can benefit from the financial services, collaborative space, training and mentoring,
4) Once the incubation period is completed, the young entrepreneurs will introduce their idea to the market.

Have additional questions?
For any unanswered questions, we invite you to visit one of our branches or contact us at

The Young Entrepreneurs is a unique imitative in the banking sector in Kosovo, where we will be supporting the ideas of young entrepreneurs as a direct impact to the economic development and job creation in Kosovo.
Through the training, mentoring and financing, the Young Entrepreneurs has been created to guide ideas towards commercial success and companies towards further development.

TEB, the Bank for a changing world!