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Become a new user of TEB Mobile

New possibility from TEB Bank to become a new user of TEB Mobile directly from your phone

You can reset your password via TEB Mobile

New possibility from TEB Bank to reset the password from your phone

Through TEB Mobile application, you can now withdraw a cardless cash at any ATM of TEB bank.

After logging into your TEB Mobile account, select the mobileCash option in the main menu.

  • Then click the Generate New Code button
  • After clicking on the Generate New Code option, the page will open where you have to select the amount you want to withdraw and the time validity of the code
  • After providing the information, click the ‘GENERATE CODE’ button
  • You can send the code by SMS or e-mail. Enter the phone number and click continue to receive the code in SMS.
  • You have now received the Mobile Cash code.
  • To monitor the generated codes, click on “Monitor Codes”.

The next step, how to withdraw cash without a card through ATM.

  • On the screen of each TEB ATM, press the Mobile Cash button in the main menu.
  • Then type the generated code and the correct amount.
  • Withdraw money

Your mobileCash transaction is completed!





Through TEB Mobile the following services can be performed:

• Monitoring of the account balance,
• Monitoring of account transactions,
• Monitoring of account details,
• Active loan monitoring,
• Monitoring of payment loan plan/details,
• Debt loan monitoring,
• Monitoring credit card payments,
• Monitoring credit card statement,
• Credit card debt monitoring,
• Monitoring of recent credit product campaigns.

• Quick transfers,
• Transfers between your accounts,
• Transfers to TEB accounts,
• Transfers to other banks,
• IBAN’s extract.

• Payment of credit card debt or of other person,
• Payment of invoice through credit card,
• Payment of invoice with barcode reader,
• Payments of municipal invoices through current account or credit card,
• Payment for prepaid services (IPKO).

• Request for loan,
• Request for new credit card,
• Activate payment order with a certain date,
• Request for new credit card,
• Request for additional card,
• Request for increase of credit card limit,
• Change the date of credit card payment,
• Change of credit card payment method,
• Send loan plan payment e-mails,
• Mobile phone refill (IPKO, VALA, ZMOBILE),
• Currency exchange (purchase / sale),
• Calculator for different currencies (GBP, CHF, USD), deposits, loans,
• Find the nearest branch and ATM.

For more information, visit TEB’s nearest branch, send us an e-mail to or contact us at our Call Center 038/230000

Note: When you first log in to the TebMobile application after creating a numeric PIN, PIN with fingerprint or drawn PIN, the following question will appear on the screen:

Would you like to use the “smart key” to access e-Banking?

If users choose “smart key” for e-Banking, they will no longer receive SMS. In order to switch back to SMS, the users must first re-activate the “smart key” and then they should not choose the “smart key” to enter e-Banking.

Note: Client’s access to TebMobile will be blocked in cases when the client writes the wrong password or PIN three times in a row. Therefore, they will have to apply for the new password / PIN by completing a modification form at the branch or via the Call Center. The same conditions will apply to those clients who have lost their password.