Installment Loan

Tailored lending that optimizes the value of your business.

One of the innate qualities of businesses is that they are continually seeking growth. One of TEB’s innate qualities is that we are continually looking for ways to support that growth. Our installment loan is both customizable and flexible to fit your unique business needs.

Whether you are investing in business premises, expanding business capacity through acquisition of machinery or vehicles, or introducing a new product line, TEB is your potential partner in growth.

Our goal is to help you make essential investments so we offer businesses installment loans for working capital up to 36 months and installment loans for investments up to 84 months. Moreover, you can take advantage of the flexibility and the different options we offer on repayments so that monthly installments can be adapted to your business cash flow. This is just one of the ways TEB is making a difference and creating benefits for your business.

If you would like to know more about TEB installment loans, please visit one of our branches and discuss your requirements with a Portfolio Officer.

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Car Loan

TEB Auto Loan puts you in the driver's seat

An efficient and well-maintained vehicle fleet can be essential in pursuing your business. If you need to invest in vehicles through our authorized dealers, then TEB’s very favorable Auto Loan could prove highly effective.

If you are purchasing new vehicles, then our Auto Loan can finance 80% of the new value. Pre-owned vehicles can be financed up to 60% of the value.

The loan application process is very fast and installments can be arranged to best suit your business as follows:

• Equal Installments
• Increasing Installments
• Decreasing Installments

If you would like to know more about TEB’s Auto Loans, please visit one of our branches and discuss your requirements with a Portfolio Officer.

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Non Cash Loan

Helping you build safe national and international partnerships

While international dealings open up a lot of opportunities for your business to grow, at the same time it can be a challenging endeavor. You need to carefully assess the relationship and choose from the different documentary business products at disposal so you optimize security and returns.

TEB has long-standing and extensive experience in international trade – as a part of the IFC Program- International Finance Corporation, member of World Bank Group, and a well-established network of no less than 130 corresponding banks around the world.

Our range of products and services to support your international trade, all provided at very reasonable and flexible terms, is extensive and includes:

• Documentary credits, including Letters of credit
• Letters of guarantee

If you would like to know more about TEB’s Non-Cash Loan, please visit one of our branches and discuss your requirements with a Portfolio Officer.

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Spot Loan

Finance your contracts with SPOT Loan

Specific contracts require specific finance tools to help you manage your company’s cash flow and maximize profits.

TEB has created a unique source of working capital specifically designed for companies that engage in short-term contracts – the TEB SPOT Loan.

This loan enables you to utilize the funds for supplies of goods or services while the repayment of the capital and interest is made in a single payment at the maturity date.

The maximum maturity for this type of loan is 6 months. Interest is calculated on daily basis on the outstanding amount. The SPOT loan provides the unique advantage of not having to pay any principal or interest during the course of the loan as repayment is made only after the specific contract has been completed and paid for by your customer or supplier.

If you would like to know more about TEB’s Spot Loans, please visit one of our branches and discuss your requirements with a Portfolio Officer.

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Revolving Loan

Revolving Loans — a credit line where you pay interest quarterly

Certain short-term investments during the year require specific financing tools that are more flexible than other forms of lending.

In order to provide more flexibility for such financing needs, TEB offers a line of credit with distinct features – the Revolving Loan.

Using the Revolving Loan, you can withdraw partially or completely, the approved limit and utilize it until the credit-line maturity. The interest is calculated on the amount outstanding on a daily basis but is only collected quarterly, a feature that leaves your business with more cash to reinvest.

The maximum maturity of a Revolving Loan is 12 months – with just an evaluation of your turnover and current business situation you can extend the limit at the end of the loan’s maturity.

If you would like to know more about TEB’s Revolving Loans, please visit one of our branches and discuss your requirements with a Portfolio Officer.

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Direct Debit System Limit

DDS – your tool to quick and easy payments with your network of vendors

If for your inventory purchases you rely on multiple vendors with varying cash flows, then Direct Debit System is a necessary tool for you.

It is a collection system for you, the Main Company (the supplier), and an automatic payment system for the Buyer (vendor, branch, distributor or customer). DDS serves the Main Company to collect the payments from their clients automatically according to the defined maturities/terms and amounts of invoices in the TEB system (business e-banking)

TEB bank issues/approves a credit limit, in order to ensure the invoice payment to take place when there is no sufficient balance on the buyers account.

If you would like to know more about TEB’s DDS, please visit one of our branches and discuss you requirements with a Portfolio Officer.

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TEB Overdraft — for when you need that little bit extra

Unexpected bills or essential purchases can add pressure on your company finances. As TEB knows business, we know that a business overdraft can help smooth the process of making a variety of payments when the business is facing short-term liquidity problems.

A Business Overdraft is connected to your current account and can be accessed instantly, also through your Business e-Banking feature.

The overdraft limit is allocated in advance, based on your business’s financials. We offer overdraft facilities for periods of up to 12 months. Renewal depends on the usage use and your business’s ability to achieve positive balance during its tenor maturity. It minimizes your borrowing costs as you pay only for the utilized amount and the utilized time – another TEB product that is helping business grow.

If you would like to know more about the TEB overdraft facility, please visit one of our branches and discuss
your requirements with a Portfolio Officer.

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Trade Financing

TEB SH. A. understands that international business in a globalized world is a challenge – success demands extensive professional knowledge and an effective network. TEB has both.

We continue to support our customers by creating and adapting trade finance solutions for their business needs. Moreover, we worked consistently on expanding our networks, strengthening relationships with other banks, and further enhancing our high standards of professionalism and competence. Supported by the BNP Paribas and TEB Sh.A. global presence and expertise in international trade, we are continually broadening our geographic cover and product range.

Trade Finance products for documentary operations include import and export letters of credit, discount on letters of credit, national and international guarantees, stand-by letters of credit and collections. The agreement signed in 2011 with the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) trade facility program has provided us with a great opportunity and even more flexibility in responding to demand related to confirmed letters of credit and counter guarantees.

TEB SH. A. has maintained consistent support for its clients and it aims to always be the most reliable and preferred business partner in Kosovo, by continuing to share professionalism and expertise in trade finance products to its clients and also providing innovative solutions.

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