Customer Care

We value your feedback. Please follow the steps below to contact us, make a complaint, compliment or provide feedback on our products or services.

How to make a complaint

At TEB SH.A., we are committed to providing excellent customer service for our clients. If we don’t meet your expectations in any way, we want to have the opportunity to put things right.

To improve the level and quality of our provided services and products, we are putting additional emphasis / in customer services for our clients.

You are kindly invited to give a little of your time and attention through suggestions, opinions and complaints of any nature.

When handling complaints we will:

be approachable – we will make it easy for you to contact us
listen – we will always give your feedback the attention it deserves
be fair – we will deal with you fairly, politely and promptly
give you feedback – we will give you an explanation and apology if our service hasn’t met your expectations
communicate with you – we will try to make sure that you are satisfied with the way we have dealt with the matter

We value your opinion as a precious contribution towards helping us achieve our objective to improve our products and the quality of services offered.

Where can I send my suggestions/complaints?

Your information or concerns of any kind can be submitted by contacting us in the following ways:

In person
Visit the branch and speak to the Branch Manager or any other member of staff

Contact our Call Center at +383 38 230 000

In writing

Fill out the complaint form available in designated Complaint Boxes throughout TEB branches

Write to

Complete and submit the Online Complaint Form

What constitutes a “suggestion”?

Suggestions can include ideas and opinions, the application of which could lead to better and more suitable services for you.

What constitutes a “complaint”?

Any negative experience of, or dissatisfaction with, the services that the bank offers, its communication or improper behavior by its staff.

How long must I wait for a response?

Our Customer Care team will review your suggestion immediately and reply within fifteen (15) days of complaint receipt. We try our very best to meet this timeframe; however, if for some reason we cannot provide you with a response, you will be notified through an official e-mail or by phone. In accordance with our Customer Care framework, we will also provide you with the reason for the delay and let you know when you can expect a response.

For detailed information on how to make a complaint, please download the PDF below.

How to make a complaint