Transfer your salary to TEB!

Be part of the rewarding game immediately to be one of the 200 winning customers with a €500 Starcard bonus.

Transfer your salary to TEB and benefit free services for 1 year:

– 0€ Current account maintenance fee

– 0€ E-banking and TEB Mobile maintenance fee

– 0€ Outgoing national transfer fee via E-banking and TEB Mobile

– 0€ TEB SMS notification fee

– 0% Administrative expenses for individual loans

And many other free services.

Valid for national and international salaries.

New customers will benefit free services for 1 year from the following month after the salary is transferred to TEB Bank.

The offer is valid until 31.12.2023.

The campaign winners will be drawn at the end of the campaign and winners will be announced via our social media channels. The winners will be selected by the Random Number Generator where 200 winning customers will receive a €500 Starcard bonus.

In order to become part of the rewarding campaign, the customer must have Credit Card at the time of drawing the lot.


For more information, please contact the Call Center at 038 230 000, Facebook/messenger (TEB Sh.A), Instagram (TEB Sh.A).


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