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TEB awarded by Visa for promoting campaigns during 2020

The multinational financial services company, VISA has awarded a special prize to TEB Bank Sh.A. and its card brand, Starcard.

During 2020, TEB Bank Sh.A. has implemented numerous campaigns in the service of VISA card customers with the primary goal of enhancing service possibilities and facilitating their use based on technological innovations.

During the pandemic outbreak in Kosovo, Starcard has offered to its customers purchases with deferred payments of three months, with the purpose to overcome easily the first months of the pandemic.

Due to this, at the national level, VISA has highly valued the commitment shown by our Departments engaged in creating, producing, managing and representing campaigns related to the payment system.

The prize for the best VISA promotional campaign was awarded to TEB Bank for the work done during the last year.

The most well-known brand of TEB bank cards, Starcard is a leader in its business being the most preferred local card for performing banking services, thanks to which the customers manage to benefit even bonuses from the Bank’s agreement with various merchants.

TEB, the Bank for a changing world!