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Women in Business Seminar by TEB Sh.A. and EBRD

On occasion of International Woman's Day 8th March, TEB Bank Sh.A. in cooperation with EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) organized a seminar on women in business.

"Green Loan" is back to individual clients of TEB Bank

Replace windows, thermal facade, and roof or do another project to increase household energy efficiency and benefit grant of up to 20% of the loan amount.

Kosovo President Thaci granted acknowledgment to TEB Bank

TEB Bank Sh.A. today has received important acknowledgment from the President of the state on the eve of the 10th anniversary of Kosovo's independence.

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New loan offer from TEB Bank

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The newest TEB Bank offer for all employees who receive salaries in cash!

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TEB Sh.A. among the largest taxpayers in Kosovo

TEB Bank Sh.A. has been announced among the 15 largest taxpayers for this year by the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce.

ATM Top Up –New Opportunity TEB Sh.A.

TEB Bank Sh.A. offers the new opportunity for its customers named ATM Top-Up through which you can top-up your phone across all TEB Bank ATMs throughout Kosovo.

End of year offer

3.000 Euro loan for only 2.99 Euro per day.

Extend for 3 months, Starcard offer

The most well-known bank card in Kosovo comes with a new offer of purchases for its users.

TEB Sh.A., Bank of the Year 2017 by The Banker

TEB Bank Sh.A. for the third year in a row is affirmed the best Bank in Kosovo by The Banker, the Financial Times’ banking rating sector.

TEB Sh.A. congratulates you on the Flag Day

TEB Bank Sh.A. congratulates the 28th of November Albanian flag day to all citizens of Kosovo.

"Women in Business" seminar held in Prizren

For the fifth time this year a seminar on "Women in Business" is co-organized by TEB Sh.A. and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

TEB Sh.A. part of Global Summit organized by Global Banking Alliance for Women (GBA)

In the scope of commitments for economic empowerment of woman, TEB Sh.A. attended the World Bank Summit organized by the Global Banking Alliance for Women (GBA) held in London.

TEB supports women entrepreneurs in the Global Entrepreneurship Week

The Women's Business Association (SHE-ERA) in cooperation with Jakova Innovation Center organized a roundtable discussion entitled "Sharing Best Practices of Women Entrepreneurs", supported by TEB Bank Sh.A.

TEB comes with payments’ innovation in the market

From now on, electricity bill payments (KESCO) can also be made by sending a single SMS with mobile phones.

Businesses of Mitrovica benefited from Business Academy IX

The city of Mitrovica was the ninth host of the Business Academy organized by TEB Bank in the scope of non-financial services.

A salary in mind!

Use the debit card overdraft service across ATMs in Kosovo and abroad.

Mitrovica branch to a new location

All TEB Sh.A. clients are informed that Mitrovica city branch has moved to a new location.

"Women in Business" seminar held in Gjakova

TEB Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) organized the Women in Business Seminar, on 11th October, in Gjakova.

Business Academy VIII of TEB was held in Ferizaj

Owners and managers of various companies from the city and region of Ferizaj have benefited from the non-financial services organized by TEB Bank.

"Women in Business" seminar held in Peja

TEB Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) on 28th September, organized the Women in Business seminar in Peja.

"Play Harley" with Starcard at all points of IP Petrol

Starcard individual users can take part in the awarding game of winning the big prize Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Business Academy VIII in Ferizaj

On 3rd October 2017, TEB Bank will organize the "Business Academy VIII" in Ferizaj, in the scope of non-financial services for local companies.

Corporate Branch to a new location

TEB Sh.A. Corporate branch has been displaced from Emshir area to a new location along the highway Pristina - Ferizaj.

Seminar on Women in Business "How to expand your business?"

TEB Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) are pleased to invite you to the Women in Business Seminar, which will take place on Thursday, 28th September from 09:00 to 13:00 hrs, at Dukagjini College in Peja.

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Payment with 0% commission with TebMobile and E-banking

With TebMobile all the banking services in one place.

Businesses from Gjakova region benefit from "Business Academy VII"

Numerous companies from the city of Gjakova and surrounding have benefited from professional consultancy organized by TEB Bank.

Offer for funding Agro Grants

TEB Bank Sh.A. brings a special offer for farmers and agribusinesses in Kosovo which are recipients of Agro Grants.

TEB brings "Business Academy VII" in Gjakova

On August 16, 2017, TEB Bank Sh.A. will organize the "Business Academy VII" in Gjakova for local businesses.

Historical triumph of basketball national team of Kosovo

The Kosovo representation team in basketball has scored historical triumph in their first World Cup qualifier appearance, China 2019.

TEB Bank again supports the Kosovo basketball national team

TEB Bank will continue to support the Kosovo A Representation. Following the support provided last year during Eurobasket 2017 qualifications, this year also the Bank has decided to support the KBF in their pre-qualification phase for the 2019 Basketball World Cup in China.

TEB SH.A. Opens a New Branch in Ferizaj

TEB SH.A. Bank management has inaugurated the start of operations of the new branch in the town of Ferizaj, thus continuing the expansions of new units to serve customers.

Huge support from TEB bank continues

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TEB Kosovo among six BNP Paribas awards from Euromoney

TEB Sh.A. with the award "Best Bank in Kosovo" by Euromoney has increased the international success of the parent bank, BNP Paribas.

Euromoney: TEB "Best Bank in Kosovo"

TEB Sh.A. has been named the "Best Bank in Kosovo" as of the professional rating of pre-eminent international financial magazine Euromoney.

Bring deposits to TEB

TEB Bank presents a new offer for diaspora with 0% COMMISSION for each transfer of deposits from all over the world to Kosovo.

TEB Bank and Telecom of Kosovo bring the project of free fairytales for children

The latest cooperation between TEB Bank Sh.A. and Telecom of Kosovo brought listening of free fairytales by calling the number 0800 23000.

Second seminar on women in business

TEB Sh.A and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) continue with the series of non-financial services for women entrepreneurs.

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EBRD "Gender Award" for TEB Sh.A.

Projects of TEB Bank Sh.A. for women entrepreneurship have gained high rating from EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - EBRD)

Seminar on Women in Business

TEB Bank Sh.A. continues with the support of women entrepreneurship, this time with the seminar in Pristina with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Frankfurt School.



Business Academy VI ended in Pristina

TEB Bank Sh.A. has brought in Pristina city the event "Business Academy VI". In this forum of business experts have participated the business clients from the capital and its surroundings.

Business loans up to 100,000 Euro without mortgage

TEB Bank Sh.A. brings the newest offer for small and medium businesses up to 100,000 euro without mortgage and other benefits.

Agro Loans: Plant the Future

TEB Bank for the Spring Planting Season comes with the most attractive offer for financing the agro sector.

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"Business Academy VI" in Pristina

On 12thApril 2017, TEB Bank Sh.A. will organize the "Business Academy VI" at the Swiss Diamond Hotel Pristina.

Notification for pensioner and student

TEB Bank Sh.A. informs pensioners and students to verify their status in one of the bank branches.

Every day two reimbursed persons by TEB Bank Sh.A.

TEB Bank Sh.A. will reimburse the 1000th user of Debit and Credit Card of its POS terminals of up to 100 Euro per day for each of these Cards.

Pristina Main Branch with rescheduled opening hours

All TEB Sh.A. customers are informed that its Main Branch (behind the Theater) will operate with the new schedule.

Just Yourself!

Loan without co-borrower, without guarantor without collateral.

TEB organized an event for women entrepreneurs

On the occasion of International Women's Day 8th March, TEB Bank Sh.A. organized an event to promote women entrepreneurs, which was followed by networking opportunities among this community.

Latest Offer for Loans from TEB Bank Sh.A.

Are you planning to renovate a house, buy a car of your dreams, spend the most beautiful life vacations or handle an unforeseen expense?

TEB Bank organized Business Academy V

TEB Bank Sh.A. has brought to the town of Peja the event of “Business Academy V". This forum of business experts was attended by more than 150 business clients.

Business Academy 5

On 21 February 2017, TEB Bank Sh.A will organize the “Business Academy 5” in Peja.

Online payment with debit card

TEB Sh.A. enables online payments with debit card.

EBRD loan to TEB in support of Kosovo’s women

Credit line for on-lending to small businesses

TEB JSC is affirmed the Bank of the Year 2016 by "The Banker"

For the second year in row the prestigious British magazine gives the highest rating to the TEB Bank for the banking system in Kosovo.

Housing Loans

For all of you who want to purchase a house or flat, TEB bank provides the latest offer for mortgage loans

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Consumer Loan up to 25,000 Euro

The Yearend offer for consumer loan from TEB Bank.

TEB Sh.A took part in the closing of the Global Entrepreneurship Week “Entrepreneurship Bootcamp"

As part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, TEB Sh.A Bank took part in concluding the "Entrepreneurship Bootcamp” organized by the Jakova Innovation Center, on which occasion the ideas prepared within the bootcamp were presented.

TEB SH.A. signs the Guarantee Agreement for Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund (KCGF)

TEB SH.A. and the Kosovo Credit Guarantee Fund signed an agreement on loan guarantees.

TEB SH.A. in support of female entrepreneurs

event called "Female Entrepreneurs in Kosovo", was organized by the Innovation Center Kosovo (ICK) in collaboration with the Women's Economic Forum (WEF) This event was supported by the TEB Sh bank A., PPSE/Swiss Contact and the Riinvest Institute.

TEB part of “Global Entrepreneurship week”

The “Global Entrepreneurship week” which will be held between 14-21 November brings once again in focus entrepreneurship as a possible career choice through which entrepreneurs create new values and in the process create new jobs for the society and wealth for themselves.

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TEB’s “Women Entrepreneurship Program” wins GBA International award

TEB SH.A received an award for its “Women Entrepreneurship Program” from Global Banking Alliance GBA - a leading international consortium of financial institutions and other organizations interested in building women’s wealth worldwide. The alliance member institutions work in 135 countries to build innovative, comprehensive programs that provide women entrepreneurs with vital access to capital, markets, education and training.

TEB Sh. A. and GIZ sign a Memorandum of Understanding on Women Entrepreneurship

TEB SH.A. and GIZ (German association for International Cooperation) have signed Memorandum of Understanding for Women Entrepreneurship in Kosovo.

TEB Sh.A. supports national team of Kosovo

Bank TEB Sh.A. is in support of Dardanians of Kosovo for the challenges of qualifying matches for the World Cup, Russia 2018.

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TEB Sh.A. at the fair of agricultural and agro-industrial products

Win Peugeot 2008 or holidays for couples in Antalya

Transfer your deposits to TEB Bank and take part in the draw to win one of the many prizes:
Peugeot 2008 or any of the 5 holidays (7 days) for couples in Antalya (Ultra all inclusive)

Warm greetings on Kurban Bairam

TEB Bank JSC congratulates Kurban Bajram to all Muslim believers.

TEB SH.A. Supports young Kosovo entrepreneurs

TEB Sh.A Bank sponsored Ye! Kosovo Boost Program of young entrepreneurs for innovative ideas.

TEB bank and IPKO bring their joint offer and give out 4GB free Internet for their clients

Earn free megabytes through the TEB Mobile app, choosing the payments option, then mobile top-up and the amount to credit to your Pre-Paid IPKO number.

TEB traditional bank loan for Bayram

TEB Sh.A. wishes success to National Team of Kosovo

TEB SH.A. sponsor of the Kosovo football representative

After basketball, the TEB SH.A. Management also sponsor Kosovo football representative by signing a contract with the management of the Football Federation of Kosovo.

Pay with MasterCard at TEB Bank's POS terminals with the new Contactless method

TEB empowers women entrepreneurs with the new card "Women Entrepreneurship Credit Card"

On Tuesday, August 16, TEB bank held a ceremony dedicated to the launch of the new card called "Women Entrepreneurship Credit Card", a card that is dedicated to women entrepreneurs. This success was achieved as a result of a fruitful cooperation between TEB Sh.A , the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and USAID.