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Activation of e-banking and TebBusiness Mobile for businesses

TEB Bank Sh.A. informs all its business clients that it has started to apply the activation of e-banking and TebBusiness Mobile application for businesses through the alternative channels.

Developing technology helps us all to get easily through the period of social emergency, where the movement is restricted due to general public health condition, and in this regard TEB Bank offers businesses additional options to perform their banking services through digital channels, as e-banking and TebBusiness Mobile.

TEB Sh.A. bank business clients will now be able to activate the e-banking and TebBusiness Mobile service without coming to the branch.

Activation of e-banking and TebBusiness Mobile can be done by sending the request via e-mail to the Customer Care (customer.care@teb-kos.com), where only the business owner/s can apply.

The following information should be sent:

    - Name and surname (of the owner / s),
    - Personal number,
    - Business name,
    - Business number / unique identification number,
    - Mobile phone number,
    - Business e-mail address,
    - Individual e-mail address.

After submitting the application, the Bank notifies the client on the decision of the request via e-mail. In case of approval, the client is sent the data for access to this service, without having to visit the branch.

This campaign has expired on 22.10.2020.

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