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Individual Business

e-Banking Login

Individual Business

Daily Banking

TEB Sh.A provides the clients with the most convenient accounts and card options with access to practical, functional and useful services that are essential for the day-to-day processes of client’s company and individual transactions.

The range of these accounts, card options and services relies on TEB’s practice, expertise and capability to facilitate the best solution for client’s company and individual transactions.

A demand EUR account simplifies banking experience by providing security for the client’s finances and offering access on finances for deposits and cash withdrawal at any time, place and way that best fit the schedule and needs of the client. 

The functionality of the demand EUR account relies on the practicality of making different utility and service payments (standing – order payments).

Moreover, demand EUR accounts are accessible from TEB’s ATMs (cash points), E-banking, M-Banking and Call Center Service.

ATM Cash Points

TEB has advanced and put effort on providing the clients with access to their accounts 24/7 by installing and providing 45 ATMs all over Kosovo. This expansion of ATM network throughout Kosovo offers a range of remarkable features that simplifies the client’s banking experience.

These machines are ideal for any location and provide TEB with the ability to serve all its individual and business clients with Debit/Star Cards and other features such as :

  • ATM Cashin Deposit
  • ATM Cash Withdrawal without fee
  • Coins Withdrawal
  • Credit card Statements
  • Credit Card Debt Payment From the Account
  • Transfer of funds within the bank
  • Receive account balances
  • Pin Code Changes



A service provided by TEB that offers the possibility to perform banking services using internet. E-banking allows clients to implement and complete their day-to-day transactions online. With TEB E-Banking you can easily conduct all your online banking transactions from anywhere in the world in a secure and quick manner.Fast and Easy, Secure, Practical, Low Commissions and Fees, Easily Accesible are some of the advantages of Internet Banking. These transactions include:

  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Transfer funds to other TEB accounts and to other banks in Kosovo
  • Pay Credit Card statements for yourself or others
  • Automatic Payments
  • Institutional Payments
  • Monitoring account transactions
  • Monitoring Starcard Statement
  • Account Management
Mobile Banking

A service provided by TEB that provides effectiveness on performing their banking transactions easier and faster from every location using internet access. M-Banking offers to the clients the option to implement financial transactions in the most secure way possible using and relying mainly on their smart phones and similar devices such as tablet. Through Teb Mobile you can:

  • View total assets
  • View total debts
  • View account transactions, balances and details
  • View loan payment plan/details
  • Apply for loans
  • View of credit card details
  • Apply for a new credit card
  • View credit card statement
  • Pay credit card debt/another person
  • Invoice payment with credit card
  • Invoice payment with barcode reader
  • Make institution payments from account or credit card
  • View Branch/ATM locator
  • View News & Events