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Catch the Moment, Invest in your business!

Invest in your business up to 150,000 euro, WITHOUT MORTGAGE!

TEB Bank, in continuation of its support for business development offers the newest loan campaign.

Invest in business, get a loan of up to 150,000 euro with preferential terms without mortgage!

Who can apply for a loan?
All new and existing SME clients who have financial capacity, proven credit history and a valid investment plan.
- Loan amount up to: 150,000 EUR for Businesses
- Loan amount up to: 100,000 EUR for Agrobusinesses
- Administrative expenses: 0.50%
- Loan maturity up to: 84 months
- Normal annual interest starting from: 6.36%
- Normal effective interest starting from: 6.96%

What do you need to apply?
- Valid identification document (ID card, passport or driving license)
- Your business documents

Additional documents that may be required based on the value of loan:
- Co-borrower
- Guarantor
-  Vehicle registration certificate (vehicle must not be older than 12 years)

The offer is valid until 31.12.2021

For more information on grants from the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, click here

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