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Individual Business

Credit Advice and Financing

With TEB Financing program you can benefit from offers that are especially tailored for Private Banking Clients and we will stand next to you for all your financing needs.
In regards, TEB has created consumer and mortgage loan which will make it easier for you to make the needed investments and purchases, including here the purchase of a new house, the renovation of the old one, buying of furniture, your holidays, and similar needs.

TEB is committed to offer a privileged experience to your daily banking needs.

Mortgage Loans with Exclusive Partners

The program of mortgage loans offered by TEB includes long-term structured loans focused on real estate. TEB offers the possibility for clients to by their own desired real estate with the TEB’s Private Banking privileges that it offers.

The Private Banking Portfolio Managers of TEB provide clients with detailed information about special loans and options through different campaigns showing secure legal mechanisms that TEB applies.

Consumer Loans

TEB offers different solutions and options on consumer loans as an individual may experience urgent cash needs for personal or household purposes. TEB provides advantageous solutions to help the client overcome these urgencies.

The solutions offered by TEB involve special, practical and quick consumer loans to accomplish private banking clients’ needs. These solutions that are beneficial for the clients include:

  • Special Conditions and Accelerated Procedures for Loan Limit Up to 5,000 EUR
  • Personal Loan up to 25,000 without mortgage and 84 months maturity
  • Overdraft up to 2 salaries


Auto Loans

TEB offers the possibility of personal loans for the clients that want to purchase the car of their dreams. Auto loans are offered via TEB’s Private Banking exclusive financial packages that include many features and solutions based on client’s situation, needs and financial requirements.

TEB’s Private Banking together with its partners that work on the automobile industry focuses on designing and presenting campaigns specifically for auto loans, campaigns that have valuable and favorable terms and conditions for the clients.

Education Loans

TEB is interested in offering opportunities for the future. As a step towards a brighter future is education and TEB considers education a key pillar in the development and advancement of the society, a pillar that opens and widens many horizons and new perspectives.

TEB’s program on education loans offers the needed financial support for students to purses their education. The education loans have many features that support students throughout the process of education and prosperity in a comfortable approach by making it affordable.

TEB believes that by giving the needed tools everyone can manage to reach their mission in life and the aim of TEB is to provide these tools through its education loans and help students to pursuit the future careers.

Loan Insurance

Security is one of the main priorities that people strive to have always fulfilled. TEB aims at providing this priority with its loan insurance activities such as selling insurance products, securing client’s loans in the occurrence of risks and damages.

TEB is focused in providing these loan insurances in the near future that include features like securing client’s property as different risk scenarios may happen and put the client in any financial difficulty.

TEB offers ways to secure client’s car considering difference scenarios that may lead to car damages. Moreover, TEB provides payment protection insurance that clients pay the loan debts in the occurrence of accidents and disabilities which may occur during the loan maturity.