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Starcard Premium — One card, lots of benefits

With Starcard Premium in your pocket every shopping experience is unique. Premium Starcard offers you a wide range of benefits when using it for purchases, where you can benefit up to 20% bonus.

TEB has created the largest network of merchants with points of sale (POS terminals) in Kosovo. You can pay with StarCard Premium at all TEB Bank points of sale (POS Terminals) to purchase everything you need and all this with 0% fee, you can also make payments anywhere in the world where VISA brand is accepted.

How to obtain a Starcard Premium?

For customers who do not have a TEB Bank credit card, the main criterion is the limit of 1.500 € or more.

Customers who have a StarCard with a limit of 1.500 € or more should visit the nearest TEB Bank branch to complete an application for the new StarCard Premium.

Customers who have a StarCard with a limit of less than 1.500 €, must first apply for a StarCard limit increase and when the limit increase is approved, they can complete an application for the new StarCard Premium.

Necessary documents for applying:

  • Employment contract
  • Identification document
  • Bank balance (6 most recent months)
  • One electricity, water or telephone bill (with home address).

Features of the Starcard Premium:

  • Premium Merchants
  • Starpoints (Bonus)
  • Campaigns for Starcard Premium
  • Installment payments
  • International payments
  • Starcash
  • Campaigns

Premium merchants

By purchasing with Starcard Premium at the Premium merchants, you benefit up to 20% bonus.

To receive information on the Premium merchants list, please click here.

When using the Starcard Premium in TEB Bank POS terminals, you will earn Starpoints, depending on the agreement with the merchant, the more Starcard Premium purchases you make, the more Starpoints you will earn.

1 Starpoint equals 1€ .

You may use the earned Starpoints to purchase in the TEB Bank POS terminals.

Starcard Premium Campaigns:

TEB Bank organizes special campaigns for Starcard Premium holders during the entire year, where holders of this card may earn various benefits. 

Installment payments:
You may divide your Starcard Premium purchases in TEB Bank POS terminals into up to 24 installments at 0% TEB interest (the number of installments depends on agreement with the merchant).

Example: If you purchased a TV in the amount of 500 € and divided the purchase into 5 installments, then you are obliged to pay 100 € each month for that purchase.
International payments:
You may make purchases anywhere in the world with Starcard Premium in POS terminals or online, with 0% charges.

In addition, you now have the opportunity to make purchases with up to 3 installments in POS terminals abroad or online. You can apply for this service at the nearest TEB Bank branch. Please click here for more information about this service.

Starcard Premium allows you to withdraw cash up to 12 installments through the TEB Bank ATM’s, throughout Kosovo.
To obtain more details about the fees that apply for this service click here.

Throughout the year, TEB Bank organizes may campaigns, which offer Starcard Premium clients special offers, where the clients may benefit from: extra bonus, extra installments, various sweepstakes, deferred installments, etc.

To receive information about campaigns through SMS and e-mail newsletter, you must provide your consent to receive promotional offers.
In addition, you can also follow all new notifications in our Facebook StarCard (with link).

Click here to view past campaigns.

And there is more

You may use your Starcard Premium to pay utility bills such as electricity, telephone, water and even vehicle registration bills - you may pay all these in up to 3 installments. Repayment is just as easy and flexible. You can repay the full amount spent during the entire month or you can repay the minimum amount of that month’s balance and carry forward the remaining debt to the following month. Your repayments are debited from your current account automatically on the 15th or 30th of the month, depending on which date you have decided.

Now you can also repay your debt through depositing funds or bank transfer through the TEB Bank ATM’s. For better management of your Starcard Premium card, we recommend using e-Banking or TebMobile to monitor and return debt at any time of the month. For all Starcard Premium services you may contact our Call Center at 038/ 230-000 where on the phone, you may also authorize repayment at any time you wish.

What does interest-free installment mean?

Interest-free Installments is a unique StarCard Premium feature through which you can purchase products and services in installments without being charged interest and you can determine the number of installments you pay yourself.

For example:
Imagine you are purchasing a Plasma TV for €1,000. If you use your StarCard Premium, you can purchase the TV and spread the €1,000 purchase price over 10 monthly installments; each month you pay €100 with no interest. So the cost of your new TV is the same as if you paid for it in full on purchase. In addition, you will earn Starpoints on the purchase.

How do I benefit from interest-free installment payments using my StarCard Premium?

Because you pay no interest on the portion of your credit card limit that you have used, you increase your purchasing power because you are spending only €100 per month instead of €1,000 in one payment.

Does this mean that the card requires no interest at all?

No. If payment is not made by the due date for payment of the statement for the specified month as per contract on the 1st or 15th then regular interest shall apply.

When is interest accrued?

Interest begins to accrue after the last due date for payment, which is date 1 (cycle 02) or 15 (cycle 01) of the month, depending on prior agreement made between you and the bank (card cycle).

This cycle is selected by you when applying for the card. The cycle is selected according to your preference, depending on which day of the month you can cover the costs incurred earlier.

If you chose cycle 01 then the interest is accrued only after the 15th of the following month, and only if you do not pay the full used amount. Interest is accrued only on the amount outstanding.

If you chose cycle 02 then the interest is accrued only after the 1st of the following month unless you have fully paid the used amount. Interest is accrued only on the amount outstanding.

An example:
If you chose cycle 01, then if you have used your card during August, the interest-free payment period will be up to the 15th of September.

If you chose cycle 02, then you will be able to pay interest-free for all purchases you make by card after the 15th of August until the 30th of September.

Installment purchases will be charged to your card based on your chosen plan when you make your purchase. You will only be charged one installment each month.

If on the payment day you pay the minimum part of the amount you have spent at your requested 15% minimum, then the regular interest shall be applied.

If no amounts are paid on the set day and there are no funds in your account to cover the minimum agreed amount, then the regular interest shall be applied.

How do starpoints (bonus) work?

For each payment made by StarCard Premium you will earn bonus Starpoints at the value of 0.5, 1, 2 and up to 8% of the purchase. This bonus is collected in your card. The bonus can be used to pay at any merchant where TEB POS is installed. The balance of your bonus Starpoints is included in your StarCard Premium Balance Statement so you can see exactly how many Starpoints you have to spend. You can also check your Starpoint balance at points of sale (POS). Each star point is equal to €1. At TEB, we also work with merchants special offers that will earn you additional bonus points.

How can I buy with StarCard Premium outside of Kosovo?

StarCard Premium enables you to buy products and services outside of Kosovo and you do not pay interest on those purchases. However, you do not earn Starpoints on international purchases and the installment plan is not available for items you buy abroad.

Can I pay for single transactions at other, non-TEB POSs in Kosovo?

Payment terms for using StarCard Premium at other, non-TEB points of sale, are different. If you pay with StarCard Premium outside the TEB POS network, then you will receive no bonus and will not be able to make payments in installments. If you use your Visa card outside TEB ATM or POS, additional fees shall be applied.

Can I withdraw cash from ATMs?

A credit card is a product developed and designed for purchases and cash withdrawals. Cash can be withdrawn from ATMs using your Starcard Premium.

If you use StarCard Premium to withdraw cash, check our Price List.

Whenever you will perform cash Withdrawal option at TEB ATMs, and if you choose option STARCASH, you may divide amount withdrawn up to 12 Installment.

For each withdrawal basic interest shall be applied.

For each withdrawal, interest is accrued from the date of withdrawal until date of payment.

Cash can only be withdrawn up to 50% of the card limit.

Maximum Daily withdrawal limit is €500.

When using a VISA Credit Card in countries with a national currency other than euros, the exchange rates of VISA and/or TEB are applied.

What is a Supplementary Card?

A Supplementary Card refers to a standard card that TEB issues at the request of a customer who already holds a StarCard Premium. The supplementary card shares the customer’s card limit and a specific limit can also be set on the supplementary card.

For example:
If as a StarCard Premium customer you have a €1,000 limit on your card, you can ask us to make a supplementary card for a family member (+18 Years Old) with, for example, a €300 limit (in other words, 30% of your own credit card limit).

If the supplementary card holder spends €200 using the card, then your limit becomes €800 for the month in which the purchases are made. If the supplementary card holder does not use the card to make purchases in any given month, then your limit remains €1,000.

How can I pay StarCard Premium amounts due?

Your monthly installments are shown in the card balance report, which is sent to you by regular mail or by email, depending on your personal preference. The balance report is sent between the 1st and 5th of each month for cycle 01 and between the 15th and 20th for cycle 02.

Payments can be made in several ways.

Direct payment at one of the TEB branches: The amount outstanding based on the card balance report can be paid in cash or through your TEB bank account.

Please note:
If you chose cycle 01 and wish to make payments through your current account, then you must make sure that you have sufficient funds in the account on the 15th; if you chose cycle 02, then you must make sure you have sufficient funds in your current account on the 1st.

Automatic Payment

Payment of the outstanding amount may be automated through your TEB current account.

Automated minimum payment

Minimum payment (at least 15% of the debt) is automatically paid from your TEB current account. The outstanding part of the unpaid amount may be paid at a later date of your choice. This amount is subject to basic interest.

If the minimum payment is not paid within the next 21 days, then the card will be blocked.

Payments via e-banking

An additional way to pay for StarCard Premium expenses is through e-banking. TEB e-banking is an advanced and secure service. In order to make payments through e-banking, you should register for this service at your branch. Payment of StarCard Premium can be made with only five clicks via TEB e-banking, which you can access from the TEB website, www.teb-kos.com.

Through this service, you may also pay for someone else’s StarCard Premium and view all information regarding your expenses.

How do I keep track of my StarCard Premium spending and due date payments?

Every month you will receive your Credit Card Statement. This statement is sent to you by us either by regular mail or by email. It provides a lot of information, including your name, address, your credit card number, the period concerned, the amount that has been spent using the card or withdrawn as cash, where and when each transaction took place, how much interest has been accrued and a range of other relevant information. You will find records of any charges, commissions, other credits and debits, and the amount of your outstanding debt and interest from previous periods. Your statement further includes the pre-agreed monthly minimum amount payable and the final payment date for such debts/obligations.

Instructions for secure execution of transactions

When you use your card for payments or cash withdrawal from ATMs, please follow the instructions below to ensure that these transactions take place in the most secure way possible.

  1. Sign your card on the back immediately when it has been delivered to you.
  2. At no point and in no way should you show the PIN (Personal Identification Number for card use) to anyone, the card and PIN should never be kept in the same place and preferably do not write your PIN anywhere.
  3. When you use your card to withdraw money, make sure nobody is looking at you, do not accept instructions from strangers but always follow the instructions on the ATM screen and if you see something unusual, like a camera placed at the location where you can be seen entering the PIN, PLEASE do not attempt to withdraw money but inform the nearest TEB branch or TEB Call Center.
  4. No information concerning your card should be provided to third parties, such as the Card Number, PIN, CVV2 (the code that is required for purchases via the internet) or the card expiration date.
  5. When using the card for purchases, make sure that the transaction occurs in your presence and not in a part of the shop where you do not have access, always check the details of payment on the invoice to ensure they are in order and that they correspond to the transaction completed and then sign the invoice in the same signature as you have signed on the back of the card. In cases where the transaction is carried out without PIN (SBT- Signature Based Transaction) make sure you always sign once for this payment and keep a copy of it in case of any disputes or complaints.
  6. Special attention should be paid to payments by mail or telephone and payments via the internet. When using your card for the above transactions, you may be required to enter CVV2 (Card Verification Value 2). Using this code, the transaction is approved in a more secure way through the Internet. CVV2 is located on the back of the card (last three numbers on the signature band). Ensure you make payments through the Internet with companies that are publicly known and have credibility in international markets.
  7. Your card data, such as your card number, CVV2, card expiry date should only be provided to known and credible businesses. When executing transactions by mail or telephone and making payments through the Internet, you should initially learn the conditions and terms of payment or payment cancellation. If you fail to cancel a transaction within the terms and conditions set by merchant, your account may be charged a fee set in the merchant’s terms and conditions. Reputable merchants will refer you to their terms and conditions before finalizing the sale.

Complaints for transactions contested by client
If a transaction that you have not authorized appears in your account, you should contact and notify one of the TEB branches as soon as possible. You will then be asked to fill out the appropriate complaint form and TEB will subsequently review your complaint under the terms and conditions set by Visa International.

If your complaint results in a negative response, TEB will charge a fee for unjustified complaints as shown in our list of fees.
Instructions in case your card is stolen or lost

As soon as you notice your card has been lost or stolen you should either notify the nearest TEB branch or notify the Call Centre on +381 38 230000 in order to block your card so that it cannot be used by a third party.

Card Reactivation
If you find a lost card which has already been blocked, you must complete and sign a card reactivation form in order to activate the card if it has not already canceled completely by the Bank.

Additional Information
If a card is used in other banks’ ATMs, then the transaction limit is determined by the card receiving Bank, and the total daily limit for withdrawal is determined by the card issuing bank.
Your account balance should be checked on a regular basis. If you notice any unauthorized transactions, just visit one of our branches to initiate a complaint and take further steps as promptly as possible.

Any possible misuse that may result from a transaction that has taken place using your PIN is your responsibility.

If for any reason an ATM has seized your card, please notify the Call Center immediately.

Your card contains card use limits and no merchant is authorized to determine any card use limit for your card.