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TEB Bank offers the most sophisticated ATM’s in our market.

To provide 24/7 access to your current account and to StarCard, TEB has invested and expanded the network to 86 ATM’s. You can withdraw or deposit throughout Kosovo quickly and safely, avoiding waiting in line at the branch.

TEB Bank ATM’s provide various services, such as:

  • Withdrawal of cash
  • Withdrawal of coins
  • Deposit of cash
  • Transfers
  • Repayment of Starcard debt
  • Checking your balance
  • Changing card PIN
  • ATM security

Through our ATM’s, we also provide services to card holders of other banks if they are branded with VISA, VISA Electron, PLUS and MasterCard, Maestro and Cirrus.
Click here for locations of the TEB Bank ATM’s.
Cash Withdrawals:

You may withdraw € 10, € 20, € 50 and € 100 notes from TEB Bank ATM’s.
While for the first time in Kosovo you can now also withdraw €1.00 in coins . Withdrawals with TEB Debit cards are free of charge, while for withdrawals with StarCard a fee is applied as per the Price List in force (published on the TEB bank website www.teb-kos.com).
Cash deposit:

TEB Bank has ATM’s where you may deposit money.

  • Deposit is done in 5€,10€, 20€, 50€ and 100€ notes.
  • Maximum deposit is 40 notes at one time, the maximal limit per transaction is 4,000€, while the daily limit for individual deposit is up to 5,995€.
  • Notes that are crushed, folded or written on shall not be accepted.

You may perform various transfers through TEB Bank ATM’s, such as:

  • Intra bank transfers (TEB)
  • Quick intra bank transfers
  • Quick transfers to local banks

With quick transfers, you must have previously registered beneficiaries. Beneficiary registration is done in advance at the branch or through e-banking.
Starcard debt repayment:

You can pay your or other persons Starcard debt, in two ways: transfer from current account or depositing money (in ATM’s where depositing is provided).
The payment method through cash deposit:

  • If minimum payment of Starcard debt is completed, then the ATM does not return change, but the change is credited to account.
  • If total Starcard debt is repaid then the ATM returns a change in coins only in the amount of 1 to 9 euro. For any amount less than 1 euro (0.1 - 0.99 euro), the change will not be returned but it will be credited to the current account or to the limit of Starcard account, depending on which option you will choose on the screen.

Checking the balance:

You can view your current account balance and Starcard balance in TEB Bank ATM’s, the statement can also be printed out.
Changing the card PIN:
You may change the debit card and Starcard PIN in TEB Bank ATM’s by entering the old PIN and then replacing it with the new PIN.

ATM security:
TEB Bank ATM’s offer high security for performing services.
ATM’s have equipment which prevent obtaining card data and are monitored 24/7 by security cameras .