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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Online application for loan deferment and activation of E-banking & TebMobile

1. How can I apply for online deferment of individual / business loan installments?

TEB Sh.A. Bank, following the decision of the Central Bank of Kosovo (CBK), in agreement with the Kosovo Bank Association, always taking into account the created situation in the country as a result of pandemic virus Covid 19, informs you that if you have individual loans and you are facing financial difficulties for loan installment payment, you can apply to defer your installment from March 13, 2020 to April 30, 2020. TEB Sh.A. offers you “Online application for deferment of loan payment” and to use this possibility you should contact TEB Bank through:

Electronic form for individual loans:

Electronic form for business loans:

For online application, we invite you to fill out the electronic form at the link mentioned above in order to send the request to the bank relating to the deferment of loan payment. All the fields are mandatory to be completed. The bank will review your request and inform you electronically (by e-mail) of your request.

Upon the approval of your request by the Bank on deferment of loan instalments, you should choose the payment method of regular interest for the pausing period, by selecting only one option:
- The regular interest accrued during the pausing loan period to be fully transferred to a single instalment.
- The regular interest accrued during the pausing loan period to be distributed to the next instalments, where for loans with longer maturity periods or up to December 2020, the accrued interest to be distributed by December 2020. Whereas, for loans with maturity periods shorter than December 2020, the accrued interest to be distributed by the end of maturity period.

For additional information, assistance, technical issues, questions and other issues relating to the online application, please contact:

• Call Center: 038 230 000
• Email address: callcenter@teb-kos.com

2. For up to how many installments the loan payment can be paused and when the payment will start

The borrowers of TEB Sh.A. can apply for a deferment (pause) of loan installment for a maximum of two additional months, but a deferred (paused) installment cannot exceed the date.
31 May 2020. Your loan maturity will be updated / extended based on the changes of installment / s in the payment plan.

3. Will there be a penalty interest for pausing the loan installment payment or any other additional cost that must be paid?

For pausing the loan period (one or two months), TEB Sh.A. will not apply a penalty interest. Also, for the same pausing loan period (one or two months),  it will not apply additional provisions, but only regular interest which will be paid in the first month after the pausing period, while the next month the client will start the regular installment payment.

As of the joint communication of the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo (CBK) and the Kosovo Bank Association dated 16 March 2020 (you can find the same on this website: :  https://www.bqk-kos.org/?id=104&l=1726)  and the explanation of the CBK dated 17 March 2020 (you can find the same on this website: https://bqk-kos.org/index.php?id=104&l=1729), TEB Sh.A. based on the CBK outlines, does not apply penalty interest, does not require additional provision, and does not change the credit classification in the Credit Registry for all the borrowers that require pausing their loans.

The pausing of installment payment is based on the client’s request and it represents a change in the existing contractual terms (according to the notifications / instructions of the CBK), and TEB Sh.A. does not make any changes to the existing contractual terms relating to the client’s loan without the client’s consent.

4. How will I receive confirmation that the pausing loan request has been successfully completed?

Upon receipt of your request through electronic form, the bank will contact you to confirm your personal information and information included in the request for deferment of the loan installment. Then the bank will make an assessment for the verified clients, if the request meets the conditions for the loan deferment. If the conditions for deferment of loan installment are fulfilled, the bank will prepare a new loan payment plan and at the same time will send it to you by e-mail for confirmation.

5. If I do not want to make pausing of a loan, what should I do?

In case you do not agree on the changes applied to the new payment plan that you will receive from the bank by e-mail, you have the possibility to notify the bank within 24 hours upon receiving the e-mail, by sending a message to the e-mail address: kujdesiklienteve@teb-kos.com.  When receiving your request by e-mail, the bank will cancel the application of the new plan and you will continue with the old loan payment plan.

6. Can I apply for a deferment of loan if the client is late in loan installment payment?

The clients with late payment of loan installment for more than 31 days, in case they have applied for deferment (pause) of the loan installment / s, they will be treated according to the regular restructuring loan process of the bank.

7. How can I apply for a deferment of credit card debts?

For Starcard debt payments, you are not required to repay the total debt to Starcard, and as an option you have the minimum payment of the balance of that month by transferring the remaining debt to the following month. If you choose to make the minimum payment, you will only pay the regular interest and late interest will not be applied.

Furthermore, to alleviate your financial situation during this situation that we are going through, you can use the current offer ‘‘ Buy with Starcard and pay after three months without interest ‘, where for any purchases with installments you will start payment after three months, WITHOUT INTEREST. This is valid only for purchase installments from 18 March 2020 up to 31 May 2020.

8. How can I apply online for E-banking and TebMobile activation?

The online application for activating E-banking and TebMobile can be done via electronic form:

Also, through TebMobile you can perform all banking services with 0% commission. The campaign ‘ Rri n’shpi me TebMobile ’ is valid up to 31 May 2020.

9. How can I reset my password for E-banking & TebMobile without having to visit the branches?

Resetting password for individual clients for e-banking & TebMobile can be done through the contact of Call Center: +383 (0) 38/230000 .

After contacting the automatic Call Center, select the language, press the number 3 to reset the E-banking and TebMobile password. Then, as of the request, you must enter ID personal number and PIN number of one of the TEB bank cards , and after the sound confirmation you will be notified that you have received the password generated on your phone via SMS message.