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Pay during June using Starcard and win up to 10€ bonus

All individual Starcard credit card customers can acquire bonus through purchases for installments which are more than 300€ and 500€.

If you pay using TEB credit card, the Starcard for individual customers at Bank POS terminals during June and manage to spend accumulatively through installments 300€, you will win a 5€ bonus.
And our bonuses do not stop at that, because if you manage to spend accumulatively 500€ in installments you will be awarded an additional 5€ bonus.
Maximum bonus amount per customer is 10€.

This campaign will run between 1 to 30 June 2021.

Better empowerment with the new Starcard campaign.

For more information please contact the Call Center on 038 230 000, Facebook/messenger (TEB Sh.a), Instagram (TEB Sh.a), web: (www.teb-kos.com).

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