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Pay up to 40 Eur with contactless MasterCard

Paguaj deri në 40 Euro “Contactless” me kartelat MasterCard

TEB Bank informs the clients that from March 28, 2020, the purchasing value through contactless MasterCard has increased from 15 to 40 Eur.

In the current social emergency situation, the speed of performing payment services is a challenge for everyone. Taking into account the current situation where hygiene is a very important factor, TEB Sh.A. offers you the possibility of purchasing up to 40 Eur with contactless MasterCard.

With this advanced payment method, you can pay up to 40 Eur only by tapping your card at POS terminals of TEB Bank without having to use chip or typing your card PIN.

We take care that our clients receive the most professional service that they deserve, as we believe in innovative values of the banking sector, especially in the current situation that we are going through.
Having trust in the value of services with transparency, we apply these services with the utmost correctness to our clients, as we strive to keep up with the latest trends of the banking sector.

TEB, the Bank for a changing world.