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Power to Local Producers!

Fuqi Prodhuesve Vendor!

You empower the economy, TEB empowers you. For local producers, loans with grace period with 0% interest for the first 6 months!

TEB Bank aims to support businesses to overcome the difficulties encountered and for potential development of business activities, with special focus on clients with local production and local trading products activity.

Who can apply for a loan?

All local production businesses operating in the Republic of Kosovo and local products trading businesses.

What do you need to apply?

- Valid identification document (identity card, passport or driving license)
- Your business documents

Additional documents that may be required based on the value of loan:

- Co-borrower
- Guarantor
- Mortgage: Possession certificate and copy of plan (not older than 6 months)
- Car registration certificate (the car must not be older than 12 years)

For more information, please contact the Call Center at 038 230 000, Facebook / messenger (TEB Sh.A.), Instagram (TEB Sh.A.), Web (www.teb-kos.com)

TEB, Bank for a changing world!