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Property/House Insurance!

Homes are special places full of beloved people and valuable things. These beloved people and your valuable things in your house are irreplaceable. Imagine if something which means the world to you is destructed or damaged.  What if someone is able to steal your dream, the one you and your family members and friends have worked hard to achieve.

The insurance packages that TEB Sh.A and SIGMA Interalbanian Vienna Insurance Group SH.A. - Kosovo Branch can offer allow you to insure yourself from daily risks and protect your life investments.

By insuring your property in TEB Sh.A and SIGMA, you get unique packages in the market, which covers you from risks your property is exposed to. Buy property insurance policy and gain from the package as follows:

1. Fire and Additional risk insurance

Insurance from fire and additional risk helps you to protect your house or property from risks such as: fire, explosion, lightning, plane crash or its parts, as well as from other risks: earthquakes, floods and other similar events, which can damage your house of property built with so much effort.

2. Insurance from theft
Theft insurance allows you to secure your apartment, house or property from theft or damage caused by theft of items placed in your house/apartment.
Theft can destroy your comfort which you created for your family and your house.

By selecting an insurance package from TEB Sh.A and SIGMA Interalbanian Vienna Insurance Group SH.A. - Kosovo Branch you will be compensated for:

• The value of the building/items stolen according to your statement
• Damages that may have been caused during theft in the building or on insured items.