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Everyday banking - Simple and accessible with TEB Current Account

Your TEB Current Account is designed to make your personal banking easy. You can use it to receive your salary, withdraw money, make deposits, handle transfers, pay your utility bills and all other regular banking activities – all with maximum flexibility.

You can open your current account in four different currencies: euros, US dollars, GB pounds and Swiss franc. An overdraft facility on your current account will also enable you to meet your unexpected financial needs.

Use your debit card or Credit Card (Starcard,Premium Starcard or SheCard)  to make purchases at any of the stores linked to TEB’s POS network.

There is more – your current account offers other facilities:

  • Standing Orders so you can pay your regular bills with a fixed due date, such as rent or mortgage payments, school fees and utility costs, automatically.
  • Paying your Credit Card (Starcard,Premium Starcard or SheCard)  bills automatically, either through the minimum agreed payment or full monthly amount.
  • SMS Top Up
  • SMS Banking

Apart from the traditional Branch teller route, you can access your current account and carry out transactions 24/7 through ATMs, e-Banking, TebMobile and our Call Center at 038/230-000.
For more information contact your local branch, the Call Center or send us an email at info@teb-kos.com.