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Child savings account

Child savings account — saving for their future

It is never too soon to start saving for your children’s future. As grandparents and parents, you know the financial challenges ahead – the cost of further education or training, or the need for a new home when the young ones become adults.

Why not open a TEB Children’s Savings Account so that you can start the process of securing their future now.

This account is specially designed for long-term growth. You can save little-by-little every month to reach a targeted amount when your child becomes adult.

You and your child will earn favorable interest on the balance.

We believe saving should be a way of life and, perhaps most importantly, are convinced that, through the discipline of saving, your child will learn valuable life lessons on financial planning.

You can discuss our child’s savings account at your local branch or get more information either by sending us an email at info@teb-kos.com, or from the Call Center at 038/230-000.