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Time deposit account — TDA

Time deposits — Let time grow your money

Time Deposit accounts maximize your earnings by generating very favorable fixed returns throughout the duration of the time deposit. The agreed interest rate does not fluctuate with changes in the market. It is set.

With a TEB Time Deposit, you know exactly what your savings will generate. The very favorable interest earned is credited to your account on maturity.

We offer various time terms and you can place funds on deposit in a EUR currency.

On maturity, you can decide on a range of options. Perhaps you prefer to automatically roll-over the capital into a new time deposit while having the interested credited to, say, your current account. Alternatively, both capital and interest can be transferred to one of your accounts, either current or savings with TEB.

If you want to take advantage of the favorable interest rates offered on time deposits, then the capital must remain in the account for the duration of the agreed time. Other terms and conditions will apply if you withdraw funds before maturity.

For more information visit your local branch about the advantages of time deposits, send us an email at info@teb-kos.com or contact the Call Center at 038/230-000.