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TEB Overdraft - your extra for unexpected expenses

We all know that unexpected expenses always come at the wrong time - an appliance that urgently needs replacing or that extra work needed on the house.

At TEB, we understand that so we offer our customers an overdraft facility on their current account to meet short-term financial needs.

How it works: we will agree with you an overdraft facility for a period of up to one year although at the end of that period the facility can be automatically extended. Interest is calculated on the amount you have used and not on the full overdraft amount. It is debited from your current account at the end of each month.

You can use your overdraft facility for withdrawals, payments and standing orders. Cash can also be withdrawn using your TEB Visa debit card from ATMs both in Kosovo and abroad.

Monitoring your overdraft is easy. You can check your statement using e-Banking 24/7, TebMobile or by activating SMS Banking on your mobile phone.

For more information, contact your local branch, send us an email on info@teb-kos.com, or ring our Call Center at 038/230-000.