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Car loan

TEB Auto Loan puts you in the driver's seat

A car can be a necessity, a passion, a comfortable space for our children’s bicycles, a means of travel or even a fashion statement. TEB will put you on the road via an authorized dealer through our fast and affordable Auto Loans.

We will finance 80% of the price of a brand-new vehicle over a 60-month period. If your chosen vehicle is pre-owned, then we will offer 60% of the cost over 36 months.

How it works: we agree with you regarding the amount of interest to be paid on the loan at the very beginning so you know the loan cost . The interest remains the same throughout the period of the loan. Plus, we have also introduced a number of adaptable features and options so you know exactly where you are on repayments:

  • Equal installments
  • Flexible installments
  • Decreasing installments
  • Increasing installments
  • Grace Period – for special clients with special needs

If you would like to reduce the duration of your Auto Loan, then TEB, as the only bank in Kosovo, allows you to pay more installments without penalty. You are in the driver’s seat on repayments.

And also there is more…

TEB offers the Starcard that allows you to register your car and fill up at any gas station in Kosovo.

To find a list of authorized car dealers, please click here.

Visit your local branch, contact our Call Center at 038/230-000 or send us an email on info@teb-kos.com for more information.