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Education loan

Education loan — More opportunities for your future

Today, education is the key to success and advancement in society. Education opens up access to better jobs, better rewards. At TEB, we understand the importance of investing in education.

That is why we have created the Education Loan at preferential rates for clients who seek to improve their skills and knowledge.

At the start of the loan, we agree with you a rate of interest that remains the same throughout the duration of the loan.

Moreover, we offer features and options that help you adjust repayments to your specific situation, including:

  • Equal installments
  • Flexible installments
  • Decreasing installments
  • Increasing installments
  • Grace Period – for special clients with special needs

And, only at TEB you can repay a loan earlier to reduce the duration.

If you would like to discuss your educational needs for a safety future, please visit your local branch, send us an email on info@teb-kos.com, or contact our Call Center at 038/230-000.