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Debit card

Manage your current account with the TEB Debit Card.

Payments are simple, fast and secure with the TEB Debit Card. You may use the card at all points of sale and ATM’s holding the VISA/MasterCard logo.

TEB Debit Card helps you to manage your cash by presenting on your bank balance statement how much you have spent and where. In addition, you may have access to the overdraft facility.

Furthermore, you can check your balance and perform withdrawals 24/7 through our ATM network, spread throughout Kosovo.

Shopping is also made easier since the TEB Debit Card provides access to the largest network of POS (Point of Sales) terminals in the country where you can use the card to pay for your purchases free of charge.

Each debit card transaction carried out in the TEB POS terminals network is rewarded with bonus points. The bonus is calculated as 0.25% of the purchase amount and will be credited to customer’s account as a cumulative bonus value at the end of the month. The bonus amount earned can be checked on a daily basis through the TEB bank ATM’s, through e-banking and Tebmobile.

Our Call Center at 038 / 230-000 can answer any questions you may have about the TEB Debit Card.