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Savings account

Save today for a better tomorrow

Saving – you know it makes sense. That is why TEB has created an easy and flexible savings account that you can open in four currencies: euros, US dollars, GB pounds or Swiss francs. And you can open an account with as little as a single euro.

There are no restrictions on withdrawals. The interest rate is favorable and you earn interest on a daily basis, with accrued interest paid at the end of each year.

You can also save automatically…

Give us a standing order to transfer your surplus cash or a fixed amount from other accounts, such as your current account, weekly or monthly (you can give a standing order for a maximum of five years after which you should renew it).

You can also organize and plan your savings for specific purposes, such as a car, retirement or the renovation of your home.

Your savings account is easily accessed through TEB e-banking and TebMobile. For more information visit your local branch, contact the Call Center at 038/230-000 or send an email on info@teb-kos.com.