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e-Banking Login

Individual Business


Simplify your banking experience through e-Banking

E-Banking is an online system for performing banking services. It saves time, is secure and very efficient for people who cannot visit the bank to perform a certain service.
It provides access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Activation for this service must be done at the TEB bank branch where you have an open account.

The way of access and use

At the time of applying for this product you will receive an SMS on your phone number which you have registered with the bank. This SMS contains a PIN for one use that enables you to log in into e-Banking. The PIN that is sent via SMS is valid only 3 minutes and when that time is over, the PIN is no longer valid.

Note: Client’s access to e-Banking will be blocked in cases when the client writes the wrong password or PIN three times in a row. Therefore, they will have to apply for the new password / PIN by completing a modification form at the branch or via the Call Center. The same conditions will apply to those clients who have lost their password.

E-banking enables the clients the following electronic banking services:

Operations on account:
• Execute payments within TEB Bank branches,
• Execute company’s salary payments,
• Execute national payments with other domestic banks in EUR,
• Quick transfers and payments that save your time,
• Currency exchanges,
• Assign regular payment orders to TEB accounts and other banks in Kosovo,
• Credit Card Debt payment for himself and others,
• Municipal and institutions’ invoice payments,
• Telephone refill for operators of: Vala, Ipko and Z Mobile,
• Customize security settings of your parameters
• Print transaction invoices.

Account Information:
• Transfer statement and account balance,
•  Pre-defined or new transfer statements,
• Company’s salary transfer statement,
• Statement of all orders you have made through e-banking,
• Monitoring of the loan situation,
• Monitoring the term deposited funds,
• Loan calculator.

For more information, visit TEB’s nearest branch, send us an e-mail to info@teb-kos.com or contact us at our Call Center 038/230000.