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Utility Payments

We offer you multiple channels for utility payments

Production and communication are key to running a successful business. That means energy, telecoms and other utilities play a crucial role in operations. Managing your utility payments efficiently ensures there is never any loss of service if payment is not received on time by your supplier.

That is why TEB has come up with a number of ways to manage your utilities – all will save you time and ease your financing.

Choose the best suited for your business’s needs.

Direct Debiting order

With a Direct Debiting order which you can give to the service provider, your monthly invoices will be paid automatically from your current account every month without you having to visit your local branch. Once you give the order, it will remain in force until you tell us differently. Every month, your service provider will send you the invoice for information and at the same time inform TEB about the invoice amount. We will pay your invoice and you can pick up your payment slips from your local branch or via e-Banking. Even if you do not have enough funds, your payment will still be through your TEB overdraft facility.


StarCard also helps you pay invoices. Any kind of invoice can be paid at TEB branches using your StarCard and spread over up to 3 monthly installments.

From our branches

You can visit any of our branches and make your utility payments from your account while discussing other banking needs with your portfolio officer.

IPKO services

In cooperation with the telecommunications service provider ‘’IPKO’’, TEB is offering all its client’s convenient ways to top us their monthly package services for internet, TV or fixed phone line. You can make your IPKO top ups at any time from any place through a simple SMS. The payment will be debited from your TEB current account and the service will be activated immediately. And there is more. You can use this service to top up the IPKO accounts of friends or family.

How it works:
Depending on the account and package you want to top up, simply send an SMS to 50001.

  • tv – to top up Digital TV. For example: (ipko yourusername tv)
  • duotv–to top up the duo package with TV & internet. For example: (ipko yourusername duotv)
  • duofix–to top up duo package with Internet & Landline. For example: (ipko yourusername duofix)