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Money transfers

Benefit from a rapidly evolving infrastructure for your transfers

We know the importance of on-time money transfers so we aim to provide the best-quality service.

TEB is one of the fastest growing banks in Kosovo and is constantly getting closer to customers through new branches, improved services and unique products.

As a business client, you can rely on our branch network covering the main centers of Kosovo and a cutting edge Business e-Banking service for making different types of transfers.
The different types of transfers available at TEB are as follows:

Intra-branch transfer
Transfer of funds to beneficiaries with an account at TEB. Both the issuing and the beneficiary party in this type of transfer need to have an account at TEB. It is very advantageous for transferring money as it is very fast. This service can also be accessed through Business e-Banking, 24/7.

National Money Transfer
Transfer of funds to account holders at other banks in Kosovo. There are two options for transfers depending on urgency. The service is available through your e-Banking which offers possibility to speed up future transactions by defining and saving the beneficiary details, to find out more, download the information here.

International Transfers
For transfers to international suppliers and customers. For full details on international transfers, please
download the information here.

Swift code of TEB Sh.A: TEBKXKPR

Visit your nearest TEB branch for more information.