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Buy using your Business Starcard and spread repayments

The Business StarCard is a revolving credit card that can be used to cover daily expenses and the purchases of goods and services for your company.

Every time the card is used within the TEB POS network, you will receive and accumulate bonus points that can be used for further purchases. The card has flexible payment features as purchases can either be paid for per single transaction or in installments with 0% charges. Even though the StarCard is designed primarily for purchases and payments, TEB facilitates a predetermined daily cash withdrawal at any of our ATMs throughout Kosovo and VISA branded ATMs all over the world.

This is an international card that is VISA licensed and can be used for payments abroad, reservations and purchases through the internet, etc.

The card’s limit can be allocated over several company cardholders, such as: shareholders, managers and employees, depending on authorization by the card holder.

All Business StarCard transactions can be monitored easily through a single statement.

If you would like to know more about TEB’s Business Credit Card - Starcard, why not visit one of our branches and discuss your needs with a portfolio officer.

What does interest-free installments mean?

Interest-free Installments is a unique Business StarCard feature through which you can purchase products and services for your business in installments without being charged interest and you can pre-determine the number of installments.

Does it mean that the card accrues no interest at all?

Regular interest is applied only in cases when the monthly debt payment for business StarCard is not made on the date specified as per contract.

How can I make purchases in installments?

You can use this option at any point of sale where StarCard and installment purchase is indicated. The merchant will display installment options offered and you should discuss with him or her how many installments you wish to use for the purchase.

For example: If on August 20 you purchase a product or service for your business on 5 installments for a value of €1000, then the last date for payment of the first installment of €200 between 1-7 September; for the second installment it will be 1-7 October, and so on.
Interest only accrues if payments do not follow this plan.

When is interest accrued?

Interest begins to accrue after the last date for payment, which is the 7th of each month.

How much interest is accrued?

The Business StarCard is flexible. You can pay the full amount you have spent in the preceding month or you can pay part (minimum 15%) of your total purchases and carry the balance of the debt over to the next and succeeding months. You only pay standard interest on the amount carried forward.

If no amounts are paid on the set date and there are no funds in your account to cover minimum amount, then default interest will be charged.

How can I pay Business StarCard debt?

Each month, your purchases and installments are presented in the Business StarCard balance report, which will be sent to you by mail or e-mail. The balance report is sent at the end of each month.

Payments may be made in several ways:

  • Direct payment at your local TEB branch: The amount outstanding based on the card balance report can be paid in cash or through your TEB business bank account.
  • Automated Payment: Payment of the outstanding amount may be automated through your TEB business current account.
  • Automated minimum payment: Minimum payment (at least 15% of the used amount) is automatically paid from your TEB current account. The outstanding part of the unpaid amount may be paid at a later date of your choice. This amount is subject to standard interest.

If the minimum payment is not paid within the next 21 days, the card will be blocked.

If I want to use interest-free installments, what is the maximum amount I can spend? You may pay up to the maximum card limit approved by TEB when the card was issued.

How do starpoints (bonus) work?

For each payment made by StarCard you will earn bonus Starpoints at the value of 0.5, 1, 2 and up to 8% of the purchase. This bonus is collected in your card. The bonus can be used to pay at any merchant where TEB POS is installed. The balance of your bonus Starpoints is included in your StarCard Balance Statement so you can see exactly how many Starpoints you have to spend. You can also check your Starpoint balance at points of sale (POS). Each star point is equal to €1. At TEB, we also work with merchants on special offers that will earn you additional bonus points.

Can I withdraw cash from ATM?

A Business StarCard is a product developed and designed for business purchases and not for cash withdrawals. However, cash can be withdrawn from ATMs using the card.
If you use the Business StarCard to withdraw cash then the standard charges apply on the withdrawn amount and for every withdrawal. Interest is accrued from the date of withdrawal until the date of payment.

The Bank recommends using business debit cards and the overdraft product for withdrawing cash rather than Business StarCard.

Payment Conditions with Business StarCard

Payment terms for using Business StarCard outside TEB terminals change. If you pay by Business StarCard using the POS network of other banks in Kosovo, then you will not be able to make payments in installments and you will be subject to payment of an additional fee as listed in TEB’s pricing.
However, if you make payments at POS terminals outside the country, you will not be charged any fees.

Types of Payments with Business StarCard

You can perform the following transactions through Business StarCard:

  • Payments at points of sale (domestic and abroad)
  • Payments via internet
  • Reservations and payments for hotel accommodation
  • MO/TO (Mail Order/Telephone Order)
  • Payments for goods and services through mail
  • Cash withdrawal at ATMs and in bank branches which offer this service (domestic and abroad)
Instructions for secure execution of transactions

When you use your card for payments or cash withdrawal from ATMs, please follow the instructions below to ensure that these transactions take place in the most secure way possible.

  1. Sign your card on the back immediately when it has been delivered to you.
  2. At no point and in no way should you show the PIN (Personal Identification Number for card use) to anyone, the card and PIN should never be kept in the same place and preferably do not write your PIN anywhere.
  3. When you use your card to withdraw money, make sure nobody is looking at you, do not accept instructions from strangers but always follow the instructions on the ATM screen and if you see something unusual, like a camera placed at the location where you can be seen entering the PIN, PLEASE do not attempt to withdraw money but inform the nearest TEB branch or TEB Call Center.
  4. No information concerning your card should be provided to third parties, such as the Card Number, PIN, CVV2 (the code that is required for purchases via the internet) or the card expiry date.
  5. When using the card for purchases, make sure that the transaction occurs in your presence and not in a part of the shop where you do not have access, always check the details of payment on the invoice to ensure they are in order and that they correspond to the transaction completed and then sign the invoice in the same signature as you have signed on the back of the card. In cases where the transaction is carried out without PIN (SBT- Signature Based Transaction) make sure you always sign once for this payment and keep a copy of it in case of any disputes or complaints.
  6. Special attention should be paid to payments by mail or telephone and payments via the internet. When using your card for the above transactions, you may be required to enter CVV2 (Card Verification Value 2). Using this code, the transaction is approved in a more secure way through the Internet. CVV2 is located on the back of the card (last three numbers on the signature band). Ensure you make payments through the Internet with companies that are publicly known and have credibility in international markets.
  7. Your card data, such as your card number, CVV2, card expiry date should only be provided to known and credible businesses. When executing transactions by mail or telephone and making payments through the Internet, you should initially learn the conditions and terms of payment or payment cancellation. If you fail to cancel a transaction within the terms and conditions set by merchant, your account may be charged a fee set in the merchant’s terms and conditions. Reputable merchants will refer you to their terms and conditions before finalizing the sale.

Complaints for transactions contested by client
If a transaction that you have not authorized appears in your account, you should contact and notify one of the TEB branches as soon as possible. You will then be asked to fill out the appropriate complaint form and TEB will subsequently review your complaint under the terms and conditions set by Visa International.

If your complaint results in a negative response, TEB will charge a fee for unjustified complaints as shown in our list of fees.

Instructions in case your card is stolen or lost
As soon as you notice your card has been lost or stolen you should either notify the nearest TEB branch or notify the Call Centre on +381 38 230000 in order to block your card so that it cannot be used by a third party.

Card Reactivation
If you find a lost card that has already been blocked, you must complete and sign a card reactivation form in order to activate the card if it has not already canceled completely by the Bank.

Additional Information
If a card is used in other banks’ ATMs, then the transaction limit is determined by the card receiving Bank, and the total daily limit for withdrawal is determined by the card issuing bank.
Your account balance should be checked on a regular basis. If you notice any unauthorized transactions, just visit one of our branches to initiate a complaint and take further steps as promptly as possible.

Any possible misuse that may result from a transaction that has taken place using your PIN is your responsibility.

If for any reason an ATM has seized your card, please notify the Call Center on +381 38 230000 immediately.

Your card contains card use limits and no merchant is authorized to determine any card use limit for your card.