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Individual Business


For you who enlighten the future!

Individual loan up to 30,000 euros, maturity up to 120 months, without mortgage, without collateral.

Annual interest rate: 5.28%       
Administrative expenses: 0%       
Maximum maturity up to: 120 months      
Effective interest rate: 5.41%

Who can apply for a loan?

- All payees of education sector who work in public and private schools and universities.
-  For employees of public schools / universities, maximum maturity up to 120 months.
-  For employees of private schools / universities, maximum maturity up to 84 months.

What do you need to apply?

-  You should be resident of the Republic of Kosovo.
-  Receive the salary through TEB Bank or bring the confirmation from the employer that your salary will be transferred to TEB.

Required documents for application:

- Valid identification document (ID card, passport or driving license).
- Valid employment contract.
- Bank balance (last 6 months).
- Utility bill (electricity, water, waste or telephone) proving your address (not older than 6 months).

Additional documents that may be required based on the value of loan:   
        -  Proof of additional family incomes
        - Co-borrower        
        - Guarantor
        - ID
        - Employment contract        
        - Bank balance (last 6 months)   
        - Mortgage: Possession certificate and copy of plan (not older than 6 months) 
        - Car registration certificate (the car must not be older than 12 years)


        Bank financing: 30,000 Euros    
        Annual interest rate: 5.28%       
        Administrative expenses: 0%       
        Maturity up to: 120 months

The total amount that the client must repay by the end of the contracted term is 38,680.67 Euro.


The offer is valid until 30.09.2020


For more information please contact the Call Center at 038 230 000 / Web (www.teb-kos.com) or visit one of the branches of TEB bank.

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