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Green Loan

Replace windows, facade, roof or carry out another project to increase efficiency and energy savings and get a grant up to 20% of the loan amount.

Social and societal responsibility is to preserve the environment we live by investing in our house/apartments that result in the reduction of outdoor emissions, saving energy and reducing the monthly energy cost for households.
As part of this goal, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) through its Kosovo Green Credit Financing Program (GEFF) in cooperation with TEB Bank enable individual clients to finance individual loans to carry out investments/renovations in their houses/apartments, by fulfilling the criteria set by the EBRD, which are supported by a grant from the European Commission of 15 to 20% of the loan value for each client.

What is the green loan and its importance?
Green Loan is a unique product in the market provided only by TEB Bank to individual clients. Applicants are provided with the possibility to make investment/renovation through the green loan within projects defined by EBRD aiming at increasing the efficiency and energy saving:

Which investment types are supported by the green loan?
• Insulation of the walls, roofs and floors,
• Windows and doors,
• Biomass (pellet) stoves,
• Gas stoves,
• Heating (thermal) pumps,
• Lighting,
• Solar collectors for hot water,
• Solar photo voltaic systems,
• Balanced mechanical ventilation,
• Hot water accumulating heaters/boilers

Benefits from the investment:

House/apartment investment resulting into energy saving as per EBRD criteria enable you to:
• Obtain a grant of 15% to 20% of the total loan value,
• Reduction of energy consumption through the installation of high performance technologies and efficient technologies,
• Increasing the family budget through lower spending,
• Better performance of equipment,
• A more comfortable house,
• Increase of real property value
For the environment:
• Preserving the precious natural resources,
• Reducing the emissions of environment polluters,
• A healthier environment

How can you apply for a Green Loan?

Having made your investment plan, make sure that materials and products you are going to use are efficient, you verify this by accessing the technology selector on the following link, https://ebrdgeff.com/kosovo/al/ and there you find all the necessary information for the steps to be undertaken by seekingthe trade quality certificate.
Once you are unsure, take the offer from the dealer and visit the TEB nearest branch where you can also be informed about the application procedures and the necessary documentation. 

How can you apply for a Grant?

Once you invest in your home through Green Loan, you have to apply for GRANT in the branch that you have applied for the loan by:
- Signing an application for GRANT (GEFF form),
- Bringing the regular invoice of the product installed at your house/apartment as well as the fiscal receipt or payment receipt for transfer payments.

Who is eligible to apply?
• All individual clients receiving salary in one of the commercial banks in Kosovo,
• Associations of housing owners registered according to laws in Kosovo,
• Minimum of the loan amount: € 500,
• Maximum of the loan amount for individual clients: € 50.000,
• Maximum of the loan amount for housing associations for individual clients: € 300.000,

Projects/investments successfully implemented and verified are eligible for obtaining the grant:
• 15% of the eligible costs for a project within an individual apartment or house that includes a single technology category selected by the Technology Selector
Blini has changed home windows, he won 15% of the grant, he is saving 162 Euros a year in spending in bills. 

• 20% of the eligible costs for a project within an individual apartment or house that includes packages with more than one category of technologies selected by the Technology Selector
Besa has isolated the house, has installed a home heating system, and has installed lighting in the house. She has not paid the work, she has not spent 24% of energy a year, but she has obtained 20% of the grant amount, and now she is saving 120 Euros per month.

• Household appliances (e.g. refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners) are not supported by financial grants.

Dear customer, for more information, we suggest you to visit our branch nearest to your residence.

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