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Individual Business

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Individual loans up to 10,000 euros starting from 110.42 euros per month.

Individual loans up to 5,000 euros starting from 55.21 euros per month.

Individual loans up to 3,000 euros starting from 33.13 euros per month.

Pay your Credit Card, Starcard debt at TEB Bank ATMs

You can make your Starcard debt payment at ATM with Credit Card (Starcard) or Debit Card.

Power to Local Producers

You empower the economy, TEB empowers you. For local producers, loans with grace period with 0% interest for the first 6 months!

For the first time TEB and HIB Petrol launch the self-service system with bank cards

TEB Bank Sh.A. and the fuel supply company, HIB Petrol, have brought for the first time in Kosovo the self-service system with bank cards.

Have you thought of taking a loan by yourself!

Individual loan up to 15.000€

Have you thought of renovating your house?

Individual loan up to 30.000€, 120 MONTHS MATURITY, WITHOUT MORTGAGE