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New working hours according to new ministerial decisions

Branches of TEB Bank Sh.A. starting from Wednesday (15.04.2020) will operate back to old working hours, Monday to Friday.

Notification on new measures while visiting the branches

TEB Sh.A. Bank notifies all the clients who will visit our branches from tomorrow (14.04.2020) that for the general wellness of public health they must respect the new rules.

Apply for TebMobile access activation

Activation of e-banking and TebBusiness Mobile for businesses

TEB Bank Sh.A. informs all its business clients that it has started to apply the activation of e-banking and TebBusiness Mobile application for businesses through the alternative channels.

Resetting password of e-banking and TebBusiness Mobile for businesses

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Online application for loan deferment and activation of E-banking & TebMobile

Resetting TebMobile password for individual clients

Reset your TebMobile password through the Call Center automatically