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TEB bank and IPKO bring their joint offer and give out 4GB free Internet for their clients

TEB Sh.A. dhe IPKO sjellin ofertë me internet 4G falas

Earn free megabytes through the TEB Mobile app, choosing the payments option, then mobile top-up and the amount to credit to your Pre-Paid IPKO number.

Expired: 01/10/2016

For each IPKO Top Up through the TEB Mobile app you win free Internet packets according to the data below:

5 € top up refill - 1 GB - 1 Month validity
10 € top up refill - 2 GB - 1 Month validity
20 € top up refill - 3 GB - 1 Month validity
30 € top up refill - 5 GB - 1 Month validity
40 € top up refill - 7 GB - 1 Month validity

A single client (TEB Mobile user) can win the Internet package up to three times a month.
Megabytes will be credited only to Pre-Paid numbers of operator IPKO.
The number to which the free megabytes will be credited need not necessarily be the personal number of the client, but it can be any other number to which the client decides to send top up refill.