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TEB and Vala bring new offer

TEB dhe Vala sjellin ofertë të re në treg

Expired: 09/09/2016

For every Top-up on Vala from TebMobile application you get internet for free.

Banka TEB Sh.A. and Vala Teleco of Kosovo have signed agreement for the combined services for their clients.

With this agreement all the users of TebMobile users with their Vala Pre-Paid with Top-up will get extra internet usage. The offer is with three top-ups during one month.

Managing director of Teb Sh.A. Ayhan Albeyoglu talked at the media conference about the importance of the new service.

“Last year we launched the TebMobile application for smart phone, not only for IOS but also for Andrid version, and now we cover all the smart phones. We wanted to expand our phone aplications, not only to banking services, but also with the telecommunication services. With the new smart phones everyday, the usage of internet is growing in society”.

“We are happy with the combined services, of course we get the Vala services and they get our services. This is the new part of cooperation for all the Kosovars”, said Albeyoglu.

Agron Mustafa the CEO of Vala Telecom of Kosovo said that this is the new cooperation with TEB Bank. “The new cooperation has the meaning of growing the services of our clients. We are talking about the 4G or the services of fast internet that are very common these days. This agreement shows that our investment in 4g technology was worthy, and we intend to cover by the end of the year more 90 % of the territory”, said Mustafa.