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Individual loans up to 30,000 Eur, without mortgage, maturity of 120 months.

Kredi individuale deri në 30,000 euro pa hipotekë, 120 muaj maturitet

Expired: 30/06/2020

TEB Bank launches a new campaign for individual loans up to € 30,000 without mortgage and maturity up to 120 months.

Apply now and benefit from the best campaign in the market:

      Annual interest rate starting from: 5.40%
      Administrative expenses: 0.50%
      Maximum maturity up to: 120 months
      Effective interest rate starting from: 5.65%

Who can apply for a loan?

Kush mund të aplikojë për kredi?

All payees of public sector, public companies, private sector and clients with rental incomes.

        - For payees of state institutions and public companies, the maximum maturity is up to 120 months.
        - For payees of private sector and clients with rental incomes, the maximum maturity is up to 84 months.
        - For payees of state institutions, public companies and payees with monthly income over 700 Euro net, individual loans up to 15,000 Euro, only yourself, without co-borrower, without guarantor and without pledge.

What do you need to apply?

        - You should be a resident of the Republic of Kosovo.
        - You should receive salary through TEB Bank or bring confirmation from your employer that your salary will be transferred to TEB.

Documents required for application:

      * Valid Identification document (Identity Card, Passport or Driver’s License)

      * Public utilities invoice (electricity, water supply, waste or telephone) proving your address (not older than 6 months)

      * Valid employment contract

      * Bank statement (of the last 6 months)


      Bank financing: 30,000 Euro
      Annual interest rate: 5.40%
      Administrative expenses: 0.50%
      Maturity:120 months


The total amount that the client shall repay by the end of the contractual term is 38,904.63 Euro

Offer is valid up to 30.06.2020

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