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Win up to 1,000 EUR by paying your Starcard debt using ATM or TebMobile

Fito deri në 1,000 Euro Bonus duke paguar borxhin e Starcard përmes ATM apo TebMobile

Expired: 31/12/2016

To be part of the offer, you must pay your debt on individual StarCard in cash by depositing at the ATM or by transfer using TebMobile.
The campaign will run from 28 October 2016 until 31 December 2016.

For all debt payments with ATM or the TebMobile an electronic coupon will be generated.
Customers may only be awarded once during the campaign.
If you pay the debt of another Starcard (not yours), the persion who makes the payment will be awarded (provided he/she has a Starcard).
For customers who pay the debt of another Starcard and do not hold themselves a personal Starcard, then the Starcard whose debt is paid shall be awarded.

5 customers will be rewarded through ATM for Starcard payments.
5 customers will be rewarded through TebMobile for Starcard payments.
The value of the reward will be the same amount as of the winning coupon.
The amount won as a reward will be credited as Bonus to the customer’s Starcard.
The maximum amount of reward will be 1,000 EUR per customer, in line with Tax Administration of Kosovo, Department of Gambling, paragraph 2.
Bonus earned may be used within one month of credit. After one month, the bank will withdraw unused bonus

1. If you have paid off your Starcard debt in cash at ATM in the amount of 200 Eur, an electronic coupon then will be issued. When coupons are drawn, if this coupon is drawn, 200 Eur then will be credited to your Starcard.
2. If during the campaign you have made 10 payments of your debt through ATM in cash on your Starcard then for each deposit there will be electronic coupons in the amount deposited.
The same examples will apply for payments using TebMobile.
Drawing Coupons and announcement of winners.
The coupons will be drawn at the TEB Bank headquarters during January 2017.
The commission will consist of a TEB Bank official, a KTA officer and the TEB Bank customer.
The names of the winners will be announced on the Facebook page, on the official TEB SH.A. Bank website and on daily press.